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Website Organization

This site has been architecture to provide a combination of posts and pages. The posts are meant to provide an interactive forum for discussing physical cycling insights. The pages are meant to provide materials that will enable interested cyclists to explore the many aspects of physical cycling.

The Primary Menu across the top provides access to the posts and pages. Here is a quick overview to each section. Note that for everything but the Blog item, clicking on the menu item brings up a detailed summary of the contents.

  • Blog contains the posts and comments. It is the interactive portion of this site.
  • Physical Cycling contains background information as to what physical cycling is all about.
  • Cycling Modeling contains the information used to build the cycling model used to analyze cycling scenarios.
  • Cycling Scenarios use the cycling model to analyze specific riding situations such as flats or hills
  • Gallery is currently not in use but will eventually be used to post pictures of cycling events.
  • FAQ is currently not in use but will be used to provide answers to frequently asked questions.
  • About Us is currently under construction. It will eventually be a location for the website hosts

Welcome to the Website

I am sure you would like to know what you might learn from this website and who I am. I have been a cyclist for nearly two decades in Westlake Village, Ca, and have ridden nearly 50,000 miles including hundred mile and kilometer rides in the Santa Monica Mountains. That said, I am far from and have never been close to being an Elite cyclist.

However, since my days as a physics graduate student, I have also had a passion for understanding the physical implications of sports. So not surprisingly, this website is built on these two passions.

Cyclists are always looking for ways to become more effective riders. So if this site is to be relevant to you, it will need to be a source of insights that can do precisely that for you.

I am also hoping this Blog page can be a focus for other cyclists to present their insights. My approach has been to complement by cycling with my ability to build a model and extract details.

But that is not the only way to gain these insights, and so do not feel you need to only explain your ideas as I would. In the end, we all have the same objective: become more effective cyclists.