Cycle Stability and Balancing

Keeping the cycle in balance

As long as the cyclist is moving in a straightline, keeping the cycle in balance should be easy. It is whenever the cycle begins to fall one way or the other that the cyclist needs to take corrective action. From the day your first learn how to ride, you have figured out what cycling balance is all about.

What constitutes falling?

You may assume that falling is when you are imminent danger of a “meet and greet” with the road. However, being able to balance while riding actually means that you are able to instinctively adjust to slight falls in either direction which are a natural element to riding.

Stability and Balance

You will hear these two terms in cycling. Stability refers to the inherent resistance to falls as a result of the cyclist. Surprisingly, given enough speed, a cycle is able to roll for a critical distance on its own. Balance is what happens when you introduce a cyclist onto the cycle.

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