Why learn Physical Cycling?

What is the payoff?

Whenever you commit to something, you anticipate getting something in return.   http://artisanauctions.com/2017/06/28/choose-auction-items-highest-roi/

Learning something takes time. So what is the return on our investment of time? We first look at this question from the perspective of Elite Cyclists.

What is the payoff for Elite cyclists?

You might expect Elite riders already know all there is about riding from the endless hours spent on the road. But the reality is they consider the physical insights of Physical Cycling critical to their competitiveness and racing edges. If physical cycling insights change how they ride, it certainly can do so for us recreational cyclists.

Why buy devices if you don’t understand them?

How many devices you attach are up to you and what you can afford. Bikeradar.

Almost everyone has shelled out more than a hundred dollars on cycling devices that provide realtime feedback. The information they provide use Physics terminology. It certainly is another ROI if you can understand what these are telling you and how to use them to enhance your riding.

What is an Effective Cyclist?

Perhaps the primary ROI is that it turns you into an “effective” cyclist. What does this mean?

“Effective” describes someone who can make things happen THey visualize it, and then make it real. An effective cyclist is one who is not just “along for the ride.” They “see” the road and understanding the challenges its presents. They can then visualize their options and select the one that best suits them at that moment.

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Cycling as seen through the eyes of elite cyclists.