Aerodynamic Coefficients

Aerodynamic Drag Units

While the aerodynamic drag is straightforward, getting the coefficients right is work. Here are the ones used here.

These coefficients are related to three factors: the Coefficient of Drag, the CyclistCycle Frontal Area, and the AirDensity at the elevation being ridden. Here are the relevant units:

Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag

Air Density

In most modeling, the assumption is riding is at Sea Level.

Cyclist Frontal Area

The values for A are representative based on numbers provided in a number of articles.

AeroK Summary Values

Aerodynamic Drag can be written with all of the constant terms multiplied together into a single term denoted by AeroK

AerodynamicDrag = AeroK * (NetVelocity^2)

AeroK Factors for different Male and Female shapings. Reagan Zogby.

Note: Need to check on the Female Coefficient of Drag values. Scaled them down, but believe that since they are shape dependent, they should be the same as the men.

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