Getting Started

Why this website?

Why did I build this website? The answer is that I enjoy cycling and over two decades of riding, I have found myself looking for insights as to how cyclists ride.  I have also found other cyclists asking similar types of questions.

I have used my Physics background and numerous websites to get answers. I found them, but often buried across multiple sites each dedicated to some specific topic. These notes  consolidate these insights into a single site so that the big picture is clearer.

How should you leverage these notes?

You have two ways to use the website. The Blog section is meant to provide “bitesize” excursions into  Physical Cycling. So if you are looking for an easy way to begin, you might want to review some of them and see if they interest you.

The rest of the sections provide a reasonably complete introduction to physical cycling. If you are looking to develop a more complete and comprehensive picture of Physical Cycling, these notes provide a systematic way to work through the topics. The Blogs also include pointers to these topics where appropriate.

Introductory Topics

In this section, we focus on background topics relevant to understanding whether this is a subject you want to learn:

  • What is Physical Cycling?
  • What is the value in learning Physical Cycling?
  • How hard is it to understand Physical Cycling?
  • What cycling aspects significantly simplify its discussion?
  • What does it mean to model cycling?
  • How do physical cycling insights compare to riding experience?
  • How are the topics of physical cycling organized in this website?


Cycling as seen through the eyes of elite cyclists.