Cyclist-Cycle Models

This section begins our discussions of  cycling models. We start with the two key models we need to provide a foundation to modeling actual cycling and riding scenarios:

  • Cycle Modeling – How cycles work including how they transmit pedaling power to rear wheels.
  • Cyclist Modeling – How cyclists generate cycling power. Calibrating a cyclist’s potential.

In subsequent sections, we put these models to use to understanding cycling such as riding flats, performing sprints, and ascending and descending. Then we take all of this and show how you can take a specific scenarios such as climbing the Alpe d’Huze and determine how you might perform.

  • Cycling Modeling – How cycles perform on the road including flats and hills.
  • Scenario Modeling – How we can evaluate specific cycling scenarios such as classic mountain climbs.

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Cycling as seen through the eyes of elite cyclists.