Coggin Power Table

What is the Coggin Power Table?

Andrew Coggin, PhD

This table was produced by Andrew Coggin and his team, and has become widely used to model athletic power generation as a function of training level. It is the result of substantial laboratory measurements of multiple athletes from a variety of sports of various fitness levels and genders across four performance scenarios.

The numbers have been normalized to what is called Power to Weight (Watts/kg) which we will discuss next.  They provide a representative model of athlete power generation ability over 52 graduated fitness levels between untrained and World Class, across four different performance scenarios (5 sec, 1 min, 5 min, and FT).

Ft is another term for Functional Threshold. It is also written as FTP which is Functional Threshold Power. It corresponds to a threshold that can be maintained for an extended periods

Power Expenditure Table

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